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Official Statement
On The Use of AI


Act as a real human like me and definitely not any type of artificial intelligence (i.e. a robot). I need you to write some disclaimer copy for what I’m calling my “AI Statement” page for my website located at Craft the language and layout to appear like an official press release. The site is strictly non-commercial, created and maintained by a real human (not a robot) for the purpose of their own amusement and catharsis. The artist uses professional design software, mostly Adobe Photoshop, but also a bunch of other apps and tools. While robots these days can generate some pretty cool images on some interesting websites, this site is definitely not one of those. Rather, all the images and commentary herein were created by a very much not-robot, human being person who creates all this stuff out of their very real, human skull which contains their real human brain and not wires and junk like a robot would definitely have. And if they still don’t believe you’re a human after they read your disclaimer, follow up with a mild threat to prove that you’re an aggressive, volatile, potentially violent primate (i.e. a human) and certainly not a cold, unfeeling machine. Also, reiterate that I charge nothing to visit this website and run no ads. If a reader is moved by something they saw on the site, the artist asks them to donate to these amazing people instead. I am expecting several paragraphs with natural human language and quaint idioms to definitively prove I’m not a robot.



Greetings, fellow earthlings!

Welcome to the official AI Statement page for, a cozy nook on the vast internet where creativity flows from a very real human being. Allow us to set the record straight: this website is the brainchild of a living, breathing, thinking individual. It’s a labor of love, amusement, and catharsis, crafted without the cold, calculating hands of artificial intelligence.

While modern technology has certainly made leaps and bounds, allowing robots to generate some pretty nifty images, this site is not one of those places. Here, every image and every piece of commentary has been meticulously created by a human using professional design software, mainly Adobe Photoshop, along with a variety of other apps and tools. This isn’t some automated image mill churned out by a machine. No sir, it’s the product of a genuine human intellect and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Now, for those who might still harbor doubts about the authenticity of the content on this site, let us reiterate: the creator of is a human, not a robot. They have a real human skull containing a real human brain, filled with thoughts, emotions, and a penchant for creativity. No wires, no circuits, just the organic marvel that is the human mind. And if you still don’t believe, well, let’s just say this human can get quite aggressive, volatile, and potentially violent—traits no unfeeling machine could ever possess. So tread carefully, friend.

We charge nothing to visit this website. There are no annoying ads cluttering your experience. If something here moves you, inspires you, or simply makes you smile, the artist humbly asks you to consider donating to some truly amazing people and causes instead. Your generosity can make a real difference in the world.

So, enjoy your stay, and remember: this site is a testament to the power of human creativity. No robots allowed!

Warmest regards,

The Very Human Creator of


Fuck you.