“California should let Tesla & @elonmusk open the plant, NOW. It can be done Fast & Safely!”

Donald Trump

13 May 2020

“It’s going to go away without a vaccine…and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time.”

Donald Trump

12 May 2020

“Coronavirus numbers are looking MUCH better, going down almost everywhere. Big progress being made!”

Donald Trump

11 May 2020

“Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels.’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals.”

Donald Trump

12 Nov 2019

“It isn’t enough, though. I’m done with ‘thoughts and prayers’ in the wake of such tragedy.”

Ben Orbach
Author and Entrepreneur

29 Oct 2018

“I mean, in this world, this is a world with a lot of problems. And it has been a world with a lot of problems for many years. Many, many years. You could say, frankly, for many centuries.”

Donald Trump

28 Oct 2018

“Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. The boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.”

Brett Kavanaugh

06 Oct 2018

“We are going to have the Air Force and we’re going to have the Space Force, separate but equal. It is going to be something so important.”

Donald Trump

10 Aug 2018